by Debra N. Stopforth

Mary and the Woman of Samaria, a Parallel

Yorkshire Publishing

A parallel, of the virgin Mary and the Woman of Samaria which shows in types and shadows the rapture of the church, tribulation, Second Advent and Millennial reign. Mary represents Israel, the bride of God the Father, and the Woman of Samaria represents the Church, the soon to be bride of Jesus Christ, the Son. Jesus the Son of God appeared to both women at a well at His First Coming, and both women believed in Him at His First Coming. Even though these women are very different from each other, one a Jewish virgin and the other a Gentile who had five marriages and living with a man who was not her husband, these women were very much alike. Jesus sees us all the same. We are all born of Adam, and we have all sinned, but as believers, He only sees the blood of Jesus who died for us so that we might be saved. The women in the Bible that met their husbands at a well or in a throne room are: Rebekah/Abraham, Eliezer and Isaac; Rachel/Jacob; Asenath/Joseph; Zipporah/Moses; and Mary/Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Each one mirrors the other and each one is a reflection of the truth as in a wall of mirrors. In the chart in the book, there are five women of the well and five betrothed husbands. These also are a mirror of one image, the bride of Christ/the Woman of Samaria with Jesus―five different ways of looking at the same thing―one truth leading to another truth. God designed the Bible, which is the very Word of God, the same way he designed the universe: with the same pattern of design He uses for baby fingers and toes. In all of God’s creations, including the Bible, all things point to Jesus. Through these examples Jesus is showing us that he wants us to hunger and thirst after His righteousness as He is the Bread of Life and the Water of Life.


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