Remember when Achan (means “trouble maker”) brought sin into the camp when he stole the gold and Babylonian garment, and other items from Jericho? God specifically told them that they were not to take any spoils. The following is how the priests would go about hearing from the Lord to find the truth of the matter.

Urim and Thummim:

“Urim” means lights, fire, flame.

“Thummim” means perfectness, completeness or uprightness.

Urim 7 times and Thummim 5 times = 12 times     12 for the 12 tribes of Israel!

  1. Exod 28:30.11 urim
  2. Lev 8:8.15 urim
  3. Num 27:21.19 urim
  4. Deut 33:8.11 urim
  5. 1Sam 28:6.18 urim
  6. Ezra 2:63.24 urim
  7. Neh 7:65.24 urim


  1. Exod 28:30.14 thummim
  2. Lev 8:8.18 thummim
  3. Deut 33:8.8 thummim
  4. Ezra 2:63.27 thummim
  5. Neh 7:65.26 thummim

Exodus 28

Breastplate: 12 stones for the 12 tribes of Israel

There was a pocket on the breastplate of judgment which held the urim and thummim.

Urim means lights, fire, flame.

Thummim means perfectness, completeness or uprightness

light and perfections; light and truth; manisfestation and truth;

a/k/a sacred lots.

Urim and thummim were 2 stones on one side was “yes” and the other side was “no”. When they both came up “yes” then God was saying “yes,” when they both came up “no” then God was saying “no,” when one came up “no” and one “yes,” then God wasn’t saying anything.

Casting of lots = urim and thummim

Breastplate of the High Priest

Exodus 28:17


1st Row – 1st – 3rd born

sardius – Reuben – blood red stone

topaz – Simeon – green and yellow

carbuncle – Levi – deep scarlet


2nd Row – 4th – 6th born

emerald – Judah – green

sapphire – Dan – clear blue

diamond – Napthali – clear

3rd Row – 7th – 9th born

liager – Gad – dull red or cinammon color

agate – Asher – mixture of white red yellow and green – the cheapest of all the stones on the breastplate

amethyst – Isachur – deep red and blue = makes the stone appear purple

4th Row – 10th – 12th born

beryl – Zebulyn – blue green

onyx – Joseph – many layers of many different colors

jasper – Benjamin – bright green spotted with red and yellow


Attached to the breastplate was a small pocket of which carried two stones of urim and thummim.

Proverbs 16:33 The lot is cast into the lap but the whole disposing of is of the Lord.

Reference to Urim and Thummim:

Proverbs 18:18 The lot causeth contentions to cease and parteth between the mighty.

The word lots means the word stone = reference to urim and thummim.

Numbers 27:21

The Materials in the Temple

The materials in the temple and even the colors used typified the Lord Jesus Christ.

The following is a list of the items and what each represents:

Item                                                       Represents

Gold                                                       Deity

Silver                                                     Redemption

Brass                                                     Judgment

Blue                                                       Heavenly nature

Purple                                                  Royalty

Scarlet                                                 Sacrifice

Wood (acacia)                                Humanity of Christ

Fine linen                                          Righteousness

Oil                                                         Holy Spirit

Rams’ skins                                      Atonement

Goats hair                                        Atonement

Badgers’ skins                               Humanity or outward

appearance of Christ